My Genealogy

Welcome to my genealogical home page. Since July of 1997, I have been researching my family tree, and so far have over 5,000 people connected to me in one way or another. Included on this page are the following links:

Name Index - a listing of everyone and a link to get more information
Appendicies - some technical information

My tree includes people from mostly the Detroit, Michigan area who came here from Poland (my maternal grandfather's side), from Germany (my maternal great-grandmother's side and my paternal great-grandfather's side), from Scotland (my paternal great-grandfather's side and my maternal great-grandfather's side), Switzerland (my paternal great-grandmother's side) and England (my paternal great-grandfather's side). Famous relatives include the Kellogg family of both the cereal and the government fame.

The reports contained within these pages were created with Perl scripts I wrote to reformat GEDCOM data. My GEDCOM creator is Family Tree Maker from Brøderbund Software. For privacy concerns, I have not included the birth dates of anyone who is known to be living or who was born in this century.

Additionally, I have approximately 13,000 vital records from the Przeclaw area of Poland that you can now search by surname.

Mike Burger
9 March 1999

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